AEROSIL® fumed silica in the feed and food industry

Convenient food products at high quality standards are increasingly popular. Powdered ingredients, such as salt, spices, seasonings, egg- or milk powder, are often used in these products.

AEROSIL fumed silica feed food industry
Due to their fine particle size or stickiness some powders show poor flow properties and cake on storage which makes handling and proper dosing difficult. For all those ingredients AEROSIL® fumed silica offers an efficient low cost way to meet this challenge. It ensures your product quality and improves your productivity.
Benefits AEROSIL® offers to you:
  • Improved powder flowability
  • Reduced caking tendency
  • Exact dosing
  • Improved storage stability
  • Increased productivity
  • Constant quality
  • Minimized dust generation
  • Reliable food grade silica quality
  • High purity
  • Cost savings
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