Increased scratch resistance of UV-curing paints with AEROSIL® fumed silica


High-heeled shoes and building bricks thrown by children are among the natural enemies of a parquet floor. There is only one way to prevent such damage to your floors: Stop wearing high-heeled shoes and buying edged children's toys.

If wooden floors have the right coating, however, the normal signs of wear and tear are significantly reduced. Not only does the coating protect against dirt and scratches, it safeguards the beauty and shine of parquet and wood surfaces. In their never-ending quest for the optimal formulation, coating specialists these days are once again getting help from the experts at Evonik Industries.

A new generation of fumed hydrophilic and structure-modified silicas was developed to improve the scratch resistance of UV-curing, high-solid and conventional solvent-based two component paint systems. Among these are the most recend presented AEROSIL® R 7200 and AEROSIL® R 9200. To make it easier for our customers to disperse this innovative AEROSIL®, AERODISP® 1030, a 30 wt% dispersion of AEROSIL® R 9200 in 1-methoxy–2-propyl acetate (MPA) was developed.

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