Corrosion protection in coatings with AEROSIL® fumed silica

AEROSIL® makes sure your products look great longer

Improved water and corrosion resistance is yet another significant upside when incorporating AEROSIL® fumed silica in coating formulations. Though easily observable with hydrophilic AEROSIL® products, this effect is even more pronounced when hydrophobic AEROSIL® is used. The enhanced water and corrosion resistance is due to improved pigment stabilization in the coating system combined with the stronger barrier effect inherent to hydrophobic AEROSIL®. This barrier effect in particular is what prevents moisture from penetrating the coating film and reaching the substrate. The gains in corrosion protection from using hydrophobic AEROSIL® products had already been documented as early as in the 1960s.

Improvement in the anti-corrosion effect by adding 1% AEROSIL® R 812 S. Primer based on alkyd-/acrylate resin.

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