AEROSIL® fumed silica for water-based coatings

Ecological concerns are playing an increasingly important role in the coatings industry. Growing awareness of the environment and the legislation resulting from environmental concerns are the reasons behind the recent sharp increase in the use of water-based coatings. The development of environmentally friendly coatings has for many years been among the most important tasks of the coatings industry. With its various products, Evonik Industries AG, as a supplier of raw materials for the coatings industry, makes a major contribution to this development. AEROSIL® has been successfully used for decades as an additive in the coatings industry. Excellent results have been attained with AEROSIL®, both in conventional and in environmentally-friendly paint systems.

AERODISP® WR 8520, a new, structured silica dispersion of hydrophobic fumed silica, makes it possible to easily and effectively improve the following performance attributes in aqueous pigmented coatings and water-based clear coats:

  • Thickening and thixotropy

  • Anti-settling

  • Pigment stabilization

  • Improvement of the mechanical properties


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