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AEROSIL® colloidal silicon dioxide for liquid dosage forms

AEROSIL® colloidal silicon dioxide may be used as an effective thickener of pharmaceutical media to create soft creams or more viscous gels. Clear gels may be obtained if the refractive index of the media is similar to that of the silica.

AEROSIL® colloidal silicon dioxide can stabilize dispersions of solid substances in water (i.e. redispersible powders and for stabilization of the pigment suspensions employed for tablet coating).
AEROSIL product recommendations for liquid dosage forms
Dosage form: Liquid (gels, suspensions, creams)
Viscosity control
• Thickens pharmaceutical media
• Clear gels are possible
• Inorganic thickener not metabolized by microbes
• Pseudoplastic flow behavior
AEROSIL® 200 PharmaAEROSIL® 300 PharmaAEROSIL® R 972 Pharma
• Keeps particles in suspension
• Prevents formation of hard sediments
AEROSIL® 200 PharmaAEROSIL® 300 PharmaAEROSIL® R 972 Pharma
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