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AEROSIL® fumed silica for silicone rubber

The silicone industry as we know it would be inconceivable without fumed silica.

AEROSIL® is a highly versatile product range and provides numerous effects such as; optimal adjustment of the rheological properties for every individual application and improve mechanical properties; moreover, AEROSIL® fumed silica also acts as an anti-sedimentation agent and improves the storage stability, process ability and application of silicone materials.
Some specially developed AEROSIL® grades are designed to increase heat stability or for highly transparent systems.. It is not just AEROSIL® fumed silica that has become indispensable; the highly specialized and environmentally friendly technologies that it has spawned have also become firmly established in the silicone industry. In addition to the actual AEROSIL® products, we offer in many cases a complete technological solution with unbeatable advantages. Our specialized Research and Development teams work towards continued development of the products and their applications.
New pyrogenic oxides and mixed metal oxides have been developed for new silicone rubber formulations. Products like AEROXIDE® TiO2 P25 and AEROXIDE® TiO2 PF2 are already used as heat stabilize silicones today.Our worldwide presence allows us to pool our expertise. We work hand in hand with our customers to develop individual system solutions that meet their highest standards and make their silicone products even more successful.
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