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Processing Properties and Product Handling

AEROSIL® once fluffy, once compressed:

  • Fast processing 
  • Densified products 
  • Special packaging
  • Handling support

To enable a fast processing of the AEROSIL® products, we provide special products and solutions for you. Therefore we offer almost all AEROSIL® products as a compacted version. AEROSIL® 200 V e. g. is compacted in a special way and offered with a high tapped density of about 120 g/l in 20 kg bags. However the not compacted products are usually provided in 10 kg bags. Besides the usual paper bags we also offer further packaging on request, like deliveries by silo truck or FIBC ( flexible intermediate bulk containers).
If you need further handling support for the better usage of our products please use the following link:
Our experts from handling department are waiting for you!