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AEROSIL® fumed silica - more than just a powder

AEROSIL® fumed silica is an extremely versatile product.

In order for you to find the AEROSIL® grade with the right characteristics for your application, we have grouped the various AEROSIL® types by raw material and method of production. Not only these, but also the behavior with water, whether hydrophilic or hydrophobic, are crucial for the final application.
You will find the AEROSIL® grade to solve your problem in one of the following categories:

Hydrophilic fumed silica

Along with the traditional application areas (e.g. polyester, silicone, paints and coatings), hydrophilic AEROSIL® products are used with increasing success in high technology fields.

Hydrophobic fumed silica

Our hydrophobic products are characterized, among other things, by a low moisture adsorption, excellent dispersibility, and their ability to adjust rheological behavior, even that of polar systems.

Fumed mixed oxides

The fumed mixed oxides are manufactured (co-fumed) using the AEROSIL®- process, and may be regarded as a mixture of SiO2 and Al2O3 on the molecular level.

Fumed metal oxides

The AEROSIL- manufacturing process can also be applied to produce fumed aluminium oxide and titanium dioxide. E.g. AEROXIDE® Alu C - a pure aluminium oxide with a hydrophilic character.

AEROPERL® - granulated products

In contrast to Evonik's fine-particle core product AEROSIL®, AEROPERL® is a mechanically stable granulate consisting of spherical particles with an average size of about 30 micrometers.

AERODISP® - dispersions

AERODISP® is the ideal solution for the dust-free handling of AEROSIL® fumed silica and AEROXIDE® fumed metal oxides.

Developmental products

This section has been especially introduced for the companies who are looking to gain a competitive advantage. Here we are presenting a selection of products from our development portfolio. These grades are basically finalised from a development perspective, but not yet found sufficient market potential which would warrant a full commercialisation. Samples can be provided for development work, via your usual contact.

AEROSIL® product recommendations

Within our product recommendations you have the possibility to download Product Information Sheets and Safety Data Sheets (SDS) in different languages.

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