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Downloads para a indústria de culturas agrícolas

Fact sheet: Improving your milling process with AEROSIL® fumed silica and SIPERNAT® specialty silica (pdf, 152,08 KB)
AEROSIL® and SIPERNAT® products help to keep your mill clean and ensure the flowability of your fine product.
Industry Information 2241: AEROSIL® and SIPERNAT® Products for Optimized Crop Protection (pdf, 4,17 MB)
II 2241 provides a broad overview of products and services for the agrochemical industry.
Technical Information 1351: SIPERNAT® and AEROSIL® as flow aid and anticaking agent (pdf, 384,23 KB)
A good flowability is the prerequisite for handling powders properly, discharching them easily out of a silo and dosing them exactly. However, many powders are highly cohesive and the proper processing thereforce is a challenge.
Technical Information 1380: AEROSIL® fumed silica - A rheology modifier for liquid crop protection formulations (pdf, 754,04 KB)
Evonik Industries offers a wide range of products for rheology modification and anti-settling effects in liquid systems based on oil dispersions formulations for crop protection formulations.
Technical Information 1410: Improving performance of milled powder with AEROSIL® fumed silica and SIPERNAT® specialty silica (pdf, 1,39 MB)
Easier milling and improving of free flow / anticaking properties of milled powders at the same time.