21. April 2010

Evonik Degussa auf der International Silicone Conference

Neben 11 weiteren hochkarätigen Vorträgen wird auch Evonik Degussa durch Dr. Orawan Taikum, Dr. Mario Scholz und Maria Nargiello mit der Präsentation “Advancements in fillers and pigmentation for high performance in silicone” vertreten sein.

Weitere Programmpunkte:

  • Thomas Betts (Wittmann Battenfeld Inc.)
    “Latest green technologies for LSR, cutting power and water consumption”
  • Robert N. Boland (Lawton Machinery Group):
     “New machine technology for insert micromolding of LSR parts”
  • Thomas Doege (Quarzwerke GmbH)
    “Fillers for silicone elastomers—non-silica alternatives”
  • Rick Finnie (M.R. Mold & Engineering Corp.)
    “How to specify molds for silicone.”
  • Juan P. Hernandez-Ortiz (Simtec Silicone Parts)
    "Modeling processing of silicone rubber: liquid versus hard silicone rubbers”
  • Todd Hoffman (PTG Silicones)
     “Utilizing six-axis robot automation in silicone rubber molding”
  • Bill Kramer (American Kuhne Inc.)
    “New developments in silicone extruder design”
  • Torsten Kruse (Kruse Analysis Inc.) and Florian Petzold (Sigma Plastic Services Inc.)
     “Real world value: LSR/silicone part and mold evaluation with polymer system simulation” 
  • Rajendra (Raj) Singh (World Minerals Inc.)
     "Advances in diatomaceous earth for reinforcement in silicone rubber”
  • John Timmerman (Starlim North America)
     “LSR injection molding: the necessary components of a production system”
  • Oon Hock Yeoh (Freudenberg-NOK General Partnership)
    “Processibility testing and specifications”