Press release
February 24, 2011

New industry information brochure: "II 2243 - Products for the Paper and Film Industry"

In addition to describing the production of pyrogenic metal oxides and precipitated silica and silicates as well as of carbon black pigments, the brochure devotes a section to the effects that can be obtained by the use of our products in paper applications.

At the core of the new brochure is a detailed section on the large variety of paper types and the advantages gained by using our products, because there are now many different types of substrate (paper, film, fabric, etc.) for printing. The best printing results are achieved with the ideal combination of printing technology and the appropriate ink or toner.

The new brochure "Industry Information No. 2243 - Products for the Paper and Film Industry" is available in English and can be downloaded at our Literature Database. Please find the link at the end of this page.