Industry Information 2242: Inorganic Materials for Catalyst Innovation  (pdf, 1,27 MB)

AEROSIL®, AEROXIDE® and SIPERNAT® - Metal Oxides and Silica Based Materials AEROSIL®, AEROXIDE® and SIPERNAT®, widely known trade names and synonymous with high quality fumed metal oxides or specialty precipitated silicas, have a long history as starting materials of choice for catalyst carrier research and innovative catalyst manufacture. The brochure details products and properties as well as the diverse application of AEROSIL®, AEROXIDE® and SIPERNAT® in catalytic system design and manufacture. Possible catalysis where these carrier materials play an especially important role include: petrochemical, chemical synthesis, automotive and many others.


Technical Information 1243: AEROXIDE® , AERODISP® and AEROPERL® - Titanium Dioxide as Photocatalyst  (pdf, 1,26 MB)

The TI 1243 presents the AEROSIL® fumed titanium dioxide product portfolio. From our gold standard AEROXIDE® TiO2 P25 through the dispersions AERODISP® W 740 X and VP Disp. W 2730 X, this Technical Information reveals the effectiveness of our products as photocatalyst. Here you will read about the special properties of our AERODISP® with different TiO2 filled grade and you will learn about the specially granulated AEROPERL® fumed titanium dioxide. An overview at the end of the brochure, shows examples of typical applications.