Responsible Care


For us, lasting economic success is inseparably linked to socially and ecologically responsible behaviour. In keeping with the philosophy of "sustainable development", this means that we act responsibly without limiting the possibilities of future generations. A major contribution towards achieving this goal is made by our participation in the chemical industry’s world-wide Responsible Care® program. This program requires us to constantly and voluntarily improve levels of environmental and health protection, as well as safety. We are monitoring the whole life cycle of products, from product development to production to the transport and disposal of our products.

We are continuously improving environmental protection measures at our production facilities. Not only do we adhere to the legal environmental regulations, but we also go several steps further.

Examples of this include our production facility in Waterford (NY, USA), as well as the two production facilities in Leverkusen (Germany), and Roussillon (France), which are operated in an environmentally friendly cycle with our customer, who is also a supplier of raw materials. The chlorosilanes required by Evonik for the production of AEROSIL® are obtained directly from this partner who operates in the immediate vicinity of our production facillity. This partner in turn receives directly from us the AEROSIL® which is essential for the mechanical stability of their final products. Furthermore, the hydrochloric acid occurring as a by-product in the production of AEROSIL® is required in the production of our partner, thus completing the cycle.