Press release
December 11, 2014

Evonik's Fumed Aluminium Oxide range our diamond amongst sapphires

Most of us are familiar with Aluminium Oxide for the production of sapphire or ruby. Aluminium Oxide occurs naturally or can be manufactured in many different forms, thus suitable for a large range of applications. Evonik Industries is one of the leading producers of ultra-fine high purity alumina powders, which are commercially available under the AEROXIDE® brand name. Our most well-known grade is AEROXIDE® Alu C, which has become a standard choice for traditional applications such as powder coatings, high-end ink jet photo paper, and fluorescent lighting. New applications like Lion-battery, catalysts, and plastics are also being successfully developed.

Over the years Evonik’s broad technology platform has allowed us to develop and introduce new grades like, AEROXIDE® Alu 130 with the highest specific surface area (BET) of any fumed alumina, a characteristic which is very useful in many powder and polymer applications, including suber-absorber polymers.

For plastics powders our hydrophobic AEROXIDE® Alu C 805 is especially effective in regulating electrical charge during the mixing and handling processes. Being of hydrophobic nature powders are protected from moisture, which assists in preventing agglomeration.

We have also been able to develop highly filled stable dispersions, such as AERODISP® W 640 ZX, which is unique due to a negative surface charge, neutral pH value, and high solid content of 40 weight-%. Our latest addition is VP AEROPERL® Alu 100/30, a developmental granulated grade with a particle size of 30 µm, it can be used as an effective catalyst carrier.

Let’s see how our fumed Aluminium Oxide range can benefit you!

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