Press release
March 7, 2011

New dispersion technology for coating systems

AERODISP® WR 8520 allows effective rheology control of waterborne coatings

Using innovative dispersion technologies, Evonik, a specialty chemicals company, is launching AERODISP® WR 8520. This is the first waterborne dispersion based on hydrophobic, or water-repellent, silica. Coatings based on this dispersion can thus be formulated for improved corrosion resistance.

AERODISP® WR 8520 improves rheology control and anti-settling behavior, and thus pigment stabilization, in coatings. For Evonik's coatings customers, therefore, the dispersion opens up new pathways for formulating eco-friendly coatings.

AERODISP® dispersions allow dust-free handling of AEROSIL® silica powder in liquid media. They are ready to use and easy to handle.

For further information please download our new Technical Information No. TI 1390 at the literature database of this website. The Technical Datasheet as well as the Material Safety Datasheet (MSDS) of AERODISP® WR 8520 are available at the AEROSIL® product database. Please find below the related links.