Press release
April 26, 2010

New Industry Information Brochure for the Catalyst Manufacturing Industry: “Inorganic Materials for Catalyst Innovation” (II 2242)

Global megatrends such as: the depletion of natural resources, the increasing need for renewable or recycled raw materials, and heightened environmental pollution concerns ultimately place great demands on the catalysts used throughout industry.

To keep pace with these trends catalyst manufacturers are asking more of their raw materials, such as catalyst carriers, as never before. We therefore hope the product portfolio, “Inorganic Materials for Catalyst Innovation,” provides a unique and a timely contribution to our customer’s development of new generation catalysts.

AEROSIL®, AEROXIDE® and SIPERNAT®, widely known trade names and synonymous with high quality fumed metal oxides or specialty precipitated silicas, also have a long history as starting materials of choice for catalyst carrier research and innovative catalyst manufacture.

The brochure details products and properties as well as the diverse application of AEROSIL®, AEROXIDE® and SIPERNAT® in catalytic system design and manufacture. Possible catalysis where these carrier materials play an especially important role include: petrochemical, chemical synthesis, automotive, photocatalytic, and many others.

The Industry Information 2242 "Inorganic Materials for Catalyst Innovation” is available in English. Registered users can download it at this website (Services -> AEROSIL® literature)