Press release
April 21, 2010

Evonik Degussa at International Silicone Conference

In addition to 11 other high-profile lectures, Evonik Degussa, represented by Dr. Orawan Taikum, Dr. Mario Scholz and Maria Nargiello, will also be active with a presentation. Title of the presentation will be: 
"Advancements in pigmentation and fillers for high performance in silicone"

Other program items:

  • Thomas Betts (Wittmann Battenfeld Inc.)
    “Latest green technologies for LSR, cutting power and water consumption”
  • Robert N. Boland (Lawton Machinery Group):
     “New machine technology for insert micromolding of LSR parts”
  • Thomas Doege (Quarzwerke GmbH)
    “Fillers for silicone elastomers—non-silica alternatives”
  • Rick Finnie (M.R. Mold & Engineering Corp.)
    “How to specify molds for silicone.”
  • Juan P. Hernandez-Ortiz (Simtec Silicone Parts)
    "Modeling processing of silicone rubber: liquid versus hard silicone rubbers”
  • Todd Hoffman (PTG Silicones)
     “Utilizing six-axis robot automation in silicone rubber molding”
  • Bill Kramer (American Kuhne Inc.)
    “New developments in silicone extruder design”
  • Torsten Kruse (Kruse Analysis Inc.) and Florian Petzold (Sigma Plastic Services Inc.)
     “Real world value: LSR/silicone part and mold evaluation with polymer system simulation” 
  • Rajendra (Raj) Singh (World Minerals Inc.)
     "Advances in diatomaceous earth for reinforcement in silicone rubber”
  • John Timmerman (Starlim North America)
     “LSR injection molding: the necessary components of a production system”
  • Oon Hock Yeoh (Freudenberg-NOK General Partnership)
    “Processibility testing and specifications”