Evonik Industries rolls out innovative additives for TPS and TPU

15. October 2010

Evonik Industries is now launching AEROBATCH® PP 140, AEROBATCH® PP 240, and AEROBATCH® PP 340 on the market - additives that generate significant improvements in the mechanical properties of styrene block copolymers (TPS) in particular. Among these are an increase in the tensile strength and elongation at break of the material, both in its initial state and following thermal aging. In addition, AEROBATCH® PP creates much-improved isotropy and dimensional stability of injection molded parts and extrusion products. This leads to a very concrete advantage for the final component part because it’s wall thickness can be reduced, resulting in less material consumption and less weight. AEROBATCH® PP comes in the form of a granular material, which enables simple, dust-free processing.

Another Evonik Industries product enhances materials that used to be difficult to process. AEROBATCH® U, an easy-to-use process additive in granular form, solves the recurring processing problems with thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) elastomers. During thermoplastic processing, these usually have extremely low viscosity, which makes the molding process difficult and considerably reduces the scope of application. AEROBATCH® U now significantly increases the melt strength and the crystallization speed of TPU products. This widens the process window during thermoplastic processing, which among other things substantially improves the molding process of extruded and blow-molded parts. What is more, AEROBATCH® U prevents the die freezing, makes it easier to control wall thickness, reduces stickiness, and increases output rates. Injection molding grades can now also be used for extrusion applications for the first time.

“So far, TPUs could only be processed within relatively narrow process limits,” says Thomas Welker, project manager TPE at Evonik Industries. “We are now expanding these to a considerable extent.” According to Welker, this also means that in the future TPUs will be able to be used in a much greater number of applications: “The improvements we are achieving will open up entirely new opportunities for manufacturers in terms of product design".

AEROBATCH® U comes in ester and ether versions (AEROBATCH® U 125 ES and AEROBATCH® U 125 ET).

Our newly developed product AEROBATCH® is also presented at K 2010 in Düsseldorf Germany! We are looking forward to welcome you from 27. Oct - 3 Nov 2010 in hall 6 at stand B 28!