Our strengths

For more than 70 years, people at Evonik have been working for, on, and with AEROSIL®. They promise their customers a lot – after all, the claim of the AEROSIL® brand is “Invented to improve.” This promise has been kept for more than 70 years. How is this possible?

The worldwide success of AEROSIL® is based on the particular strengths of the product and the people behind AEROSIL®. They invented AEROSIL® and keep reinventing it: new types, new applications, new finishes. 

The service provided for the product family is unique in the world, since scientists and engineers at Evonik are mastering the technology – their own and that of the customers. As a result of this, customers are given the best possible support in the areas of research, applied technology, and handling. 

“We want to improve the good.” This is the claim of everyone who is involved with AEROSIL®. It means improving our own products and processes and helping to make our customers' products and production processes just that little bit better. Often it's just that little bit that makes them stand out from the competition. 
It's simple and simply reassuring to work together with the experts in AEROSIL®, since reliability and security are important to Evonik and stands for a whole range of topics: on-time delivery, product safety, quality assurance – at the highest level worldwide.

Worldwide is precisely the right term. AEROSIL® is produced in eight plants throughout the world based on the same strict benchmarks, but, in every case, very close to the markets and the customers. Customer proximity also applies to the regional laboratories for research and applied technology, which Evonik operates for AEROSIL® on three continents. This is also especially true for the sales teams, who provide competent support for AEROSIL® customers on five continents. 

However, if a brand is able to lead the market in the chemical industry for more than 70 years, it is because of something that you cannot plan, talk up, or force: the trust of the customers. We are very proud of our long-term customer relationships. Rightly so, since, in the final analysis, this proves that our customers get more than just white powder. Namely, always exactly the right solution.

AEROSIL®. Invented to improve.