Improving the good

Improving the good is the AEROSIL® team's favorite challenge. Customers include the most prominent companies in the respective industries. Conviction, knowledge and experience were needed to make the outstanding products of these customers just a little bit better. But this is precisely why the industry leaders worldwide come to Evonik and ask for AEROSIL®: They know that AEROSIL® helps them optimize their products.

Wherever in the world Evonik produces AEROSIL® one thing is clear: We can keep our promise to our customers only if we continue to improve. This is why every single day we measure ourselves by our claim “Improving the good.” AEROSIL® is the most innovative fumed silica on the market. And that it remains so, Evonik continues to improve it. Successfully for 70 years.

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“We offer customers more than just perfect surfaces. That's why AEROSIL® is not only a product, but also the fulfillment of many different customer and industry-specific requirements. To live up to this promise, we continuously strive to improve.”