An invention changes the world. The dream of every scientist. No matter whether it is an ingenious idea or a long, drawn out research process at the end you must have an invention of which everyone says, “This has a lot of potential.”

Did AEROSIL® change the world? One thing is certain, and that is that the invention from Evonik has considerably improved many things in our everyday lives. 

AEROSIL® was invented more than 70 years ago. And this year. And two years ago. And 17 years ago. And 50 years ago… For seven decades, creative scientists, engineers, and marketing experts have been proving that inventing a successful product is not a one off action. They keep reinventing AEROSIL® over and over again.

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“As the inventor of fumed silica and as a driver of innovation, we offer the largest range of products. But the search for new and better applications continues. No matter how big the challenges are – we keep opening up new frontiers for our customers.”

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