Mastering technology

AEROSIL® is a performance additive for many customers. An “ingredient” in the formulation of their end product. It is usually a very important ingredient that gives the product the special property that is desired. Naturally, this doesn't just happen but is the result of research, applied technology experiments and tests carried out in collaboration with the customer. But one thing is very important in this respect: You must have the technical understanding to know what AEROSIL® will do for the customer and its products.

Of course, the technicians and engineers of AEROSIL® also have their own technology under control. For example, one team monitors product handling and advises customers as regards packaging and containers. Experienced experts for every industry ensure that the customers receive AEROSIL® in such a way that it is perfect for their application. That really is a feat with more than 60 different types.

Technik beherrschen

“Good products at the right time in the right place: With the innovative technologies that our teams in production, supply chain, research and applied technology stand for we offer customers solutions that are fine-tuned to suit their precise needs. And in doing so, we keep setting new benchmarks.”

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