Zahnraeder AEROSIL

Enabeling new possibilities

A grown experience, development and research have by now made AEROSIL® the most frequently used brand for the creation, modification and characterization of various processes. Without fumed silica, many things in everyday life would be unimaginable. AEROSIL® is used, for example, in the earthquake-proof foundations of buildings, in silicone sealants for bathtubs, for the production of yachts, in insulation materials for ceramic cooking surfaces or in paints and coatings, which, without AEROSIL®, would be difficult to process.

State of the art applied technology laboratories, a worldwide production and service network and the widest range of products available for the market, including aluminum oxide, titanium oxide and other pyrogenic mixed oxides.

Due to the continuous expansion of our global production capacity we are able to supply our customers with the right product at the desired quality anywhere in the world. Close collaboration and partnership with our customers is one of our highest priorities. Through the integration of all the units we create with AEROSIL® and its associated power units a smooth flow in order to fulfill the wishes and needs of our customers.