Evonik Silica and Silicate Products Receive OMRI Listed® Certification for Organic Farming

OMRI listed certificate for organic farming

OMRI's mission is to support the growth and trust of the global organic farming community through expert, independent, and transparent verification of individual raw materials and crop protection products.Through this certification and verification program, Evonik has received approval for several of its amorphous silica and silicate products marketed under AEROSIL®, AERODISP®, SIPERNAT®, ZEOFREE®, and ZEOLEX® trade names.

By becoming OMRI Listed®, producers of crop protection formulations are already learning about the acceptance of silica and silicate materials through the publically available list on the OMRI website. General benefits of our silica and silicate products in crop protection formulations:

Crop Protection Formulation
Application Function

Liquids (SC, OD, FS, etc)


Thickening and Suspension

Powders/Granules (ED, WDG, etc)


Free-Flow, Anti-Caking, Microbial Stability  and Carrier

  • AEROSIL® 200

  • AEROSIL® 972

  • AEROSIL® R 974

  • AEROSIL®R 812 S

  • AERODISP® W 7520

  • AERODISP® W 7622

  • SIPERNAT® 22

  • SIPERNAT® 22 S

  • SIPERNAT® 50

  • SIPERNAT® 310

  • SIPERNAT® 350

  • ZEOFREE® PLUS 5827

  • ZEOFREE® 600

  • ZEOLEX® 7 A

Certificates for all of Evonik’s listed products are conveniently located on the OMRI website that is available to the public  at: OMRI website

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