AEROSIL® fumed silica for solid agrochemical formulations

Solid agrochemical formulations have been known for many years in the industry. Examples for solid formulation types are wettable powders (WP), granules (GR) and water dispersible granules (WG).

A clear advantage of granulated formulations is that they leave almost no contamination in the empty package. Additionally powders may create dust, which is undesirable in terms of user safety. Therefore, powder formulations are more and more replaced by granule formulations or liquid systems. 

AEROSIL® fumed silica and SIPERNAT® precipitated silica are used in solid formulations as flow aid, anti-caking aid, milling aid and as carrier for liquid active ingredients. WP formulations treated with SIPERNAT® or AEROSIL® products are dry, free-flowing and do not tend to cake on storage. 

In granules for direct application in the field, however, large particle size silica can be advantageous. Those grades can be used as carrier for liquid or low melting actives providing both a free flowing as well a non-caking absorbate. The granular shape of the absorbate is already predesigned with the silica. No additional granulation step is necessary. 

AEROSIL® 200, hydrophilic fumed silica, provide good properties as flow aid and anti caking agent in WP's and WG's. 

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