AEROSIL®, AEROXIDE® and AERODISP® for electronics applications

Evonik offers highly specialized inorganic particles for use in various electronics applications. 

Chip auf einer Platine

AEROSIL® fumed silica, AEROXIDE® fumed metal oxides, AERODISP® homogeneous dispersions of fumed silica or fumed metal oxides fulfill highest quality requirements for purity and product consistency.

In various electronics applications inorganic particles are indispensable in order to achieve the desired effect. One of the most prominent applications of AEROSIL® fumed silica and AEROXIDE® fumed metal oxides is CMP (Chemical-Mechanic Planarization), in which the particles function as abrasives.

Manufacturing steps and materials in the integrated circuit (IC) value chain, as well as in the display and LED industries, do also require the use of inorganic particles, be it as powder (AEROSIL® and AEROXIDE®) or already dispersed in liquid (AERODISP®).

AEROSIL® for Electronics



AEROXIDE® Pyrogene Metalloxide - Technical Overview 13  (pdf, 33.07 MB)

Diese Broschüre gibt einen Überblick über die Herstellung, die Eigenschaften und die Anwendung von AEROXIDE® pyrogene Metalloxide, insbesondere pyrogenes Aluminiumoxid und pyrogenes Titandioxid.


Technical Information 1163: AEROSIL® fumed silica for cable gels  (pdf, 641 KB)

This brochure describes the use of hydrophilic and hydrophobic AEROSIL® grades as a thixotrope in four different systems for cable gels.


VP Disp IPA 2730 X, A New AEROXIDE® Fumed Titania Dispersion for Dye-sensitized Solar Cell Manufacture  (pdf, 1.47 MB)

Evonik has added a new product to its broad portfolio of AERODISP® dispersions: VP Disp IPA 2730 X – the first dispersion of fumed titania in an organic solvent.