AEROSIL® and AERODISP® products for Glass applications

The broad range of high purity AEROSIL® fumed silica and AERODISP® dispersions offers diverse functions in many different industries including glass.

AEROSIL silicia in glass

The key product for the glass industry is a unique AERODISP® dispersion specifically developed for the manufacture of potassium silicate based intumescent layers used in fire-resistant glass. AERODISP® dispersions can however also be used in special glass polishing applications.

Fire-resistant safety glass

AERODISP® W 1244 dispersion is a ready to use dispersion specifically developed for manufacturing high performance potassium silicate based intumescent interlayers for fire-resistant glass through a “Cast-In-Place” process. This dispersion contains all the necessary components for achieving an effective radiant heat barrier in case of fire and also for maintaining the glass transparency in low temperature conditions. The high purity and special morphology of the AEROSIL® particles used, and the controlled particle size distribution achieved through Evonik know-how in dispersion techniques, confer to this product its unique properties. Specifically this dispersion allows:

  • A simpler, more controllable, and more reproducible manufacturing process which minimizes the required investments.

  • An optimized composition of the interlayer for achieving maximum performance in case of fire.

  • Outstanding optical quality of the final glass.

Additional information on the use of AERODISP® W 1244 for manufacturing fire-resistant glass is available in our Technical Information 1407. If you are interested in starting production of fire-resistant glass with AERODISP® W 1244, Evonik can provide a guideline formulation, the description of manufacturing procedures, and a list of the necessary equipment for production start-up. It has never been so easy. We stand by your side to set up the production and accompany you in the process until you manufacture high quality fire resistant glass.

Glass polishing

AEROSIL® and AEROXIDE® dispersions are utilized for special high quality glass polishing applications, such as where extremely low surface roughness or very high planarity must be achieved. These applications are quite diverse and therefore product recommendations can be made upon receiving information regarding the required characteristics from you.

AEROSIL® for Glass



AEROXIDE® Pyrogene Metalloxide - Technical Overview 13  (pdf, 33.07 MB)

Diese Broschüre gibt einen Überblick über die Herstellung, die Eigenschaften und die Anwendung von AEROXIDE® pyrogene Metalloxide, insbesondere pyrogenes Aluminiumoxid und pyrogenes Titandioxid.


Fact Sheet: AERODISP® fumed silica dispersions for fire-resistant glass  (pdf, 339 KB)


Technical Information 1407: AERODISP® Fumed Silica Dispersion for Fire-Resistant Glass  (pdf, 223 KB)

AERODISP® W 1244 dispersion has been developed by Evonik Industries specifically for the application of manufacturing fire-resistant glass through "Cast-In-Place" processes.


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