AEROPERL® 300 Pharma – a versatile carrier for liquid or low-solubility APIs

AEROPERL® 300 Pharma is a granulated form of colloidal silicon dioxide.


Unlike highly disperse AEROSIL® products, AEROPERL® 300 Pharma consists of bead-like mesoporous granules with a particle size of on average 30 to 40 μm. The high specific surface area of 300 m2/g, coupled with the mesopore volume of approx. 1.6 ml/g means that AEROPERL® 300 Pharma is a versatile and highly absorptive carrier that may be used to incorporate liquids into solid pharmaceutical dosage forms.

Advantages of AEROPERL® 300 Pharma include:
  • High tapped density and nearly spherical shape: AEROPERL® 300 Pharma is easy to handle, even when loaded with more than its weight in liquid.

  • Hydrophilic nature: AEROPERL® 300 Pharma is an efficient desiccant. For example, AEROPERL® 300 Pharma may be used in cost efficient moisture assisted dry granulation (MADG) processes to assist in absorbing and distributing the small amount of water used.

  • High absorption capacity and high surface area: AEROPERL® 300 Pharma may help to avoid costly and time consuming API crystallization. AEROPERL® may also assist to increase the bioavailability of low-solubility APIs.

AEROPERL® 300 Pharma fulfils requirements of Ph. Eur. as well as USP/ NF. Due to its high bulk density, AEROPERL® 300 Pharma does not fulfill the “volume test” of the JP, however it complies with all other JP parameters.