AEROSIL® fumed silica – Beneficial for optical properties

AEROSIL® fumed silica offers far more than brilliant prospects

  • Transparency

  • Smooth, glossy surfaces

Keep a clear vision with AEROSIL® fumed silica
AEROSIL® fumed silica offers far more than brillant prospects

AEROSIL® fumed silica keeps silicone rubber colorless and ultra-transparent, yet allows for easy dyeing. 

Ultra-transparent silicones are used for medical purposes, e.g. in tubes and catheters, but also for products of daily use such as baby bottle teats or diving goggles. AEROSIL® types with a highly specific surface area (e.g. AEROSIL® 300, AEROSIL® 380) are particularly suitable for these purposes.

The transparency of a silicone system can also be permanently improved by modifying the silica with functional silanes. AEROSIL® R 106 or AEROSIL® R 812 S are examples of modified, ultra-hydrophobic products that enable highly transparent applications.

Evonik also offers a number of functional silanes under the brand name Dynasylan®. 

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