Processing Properties and Product Handling

AEROSIL® fumed silica can be loose or densified: 

Technical service handling
  • Fast processing 

  • Densified products 

  • Packaging

  • Product handling




We keep special products ready for you to allow for fast processing and incorporation of AEROSIL® products. Thus, virtually all AEROSIL® products are available as a densified variant. For example, AEROSIL® 200 V is available in a special densified format with a high tamped density of approx. 120 g/l offered in 20 kg bags. Non-densified products are supplied in 10 kg bags. In addition to standard paper bags, we also offer additional packaging forms such as silo trucks or FIBC´s (= Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers) on request. Further information on the handling and use of our products is available:

Our handling technology experts are ready for your questions.