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Climate protection and energy conservation with AEROSIL® fumed silica

The greenhouse effect and climate change have been a paramount issue for the world for years now. But how can this enormous problem be solved?

Reducing carbon dioxide levels and saving energy remain the primary challenges facing the world in the coming years. In addition to the research and development of renewable energy sources, much attention is also being paid to saving energy — particularly by improving insulation. In Europe, for example, 35 % of energy is used in households. Efficient insulation in this area could considerably reduce the level of carbon dioxide, which would also result in extensive savings, given the fact that energy costs are rising.

AEROSIL®, a fumed silica developed by Evonik, is an excellent insulator with a very low λ- value of < 20 mW/(m•K)*, and it allows for an exponentially greater degree of heat insulation than polystyrene and polyurethane foam as well as glass wool or rock wool. Many of these traditional insulation materials were originally conceived back in the 1950s. They no longer constitute state-of-the-art technology and have reached the limit of their physical capacity to produce effective insulation. That is why AEROSIL® has popularly become the solution of choice in efficient insulation systems.

In addition to a wide range of innovative uses, there are a number of conventional applications involving AEROSIL® as a top insulating material. For example, AEROSIL® is used in the heating elements underneath ceramic stove tops, in night storage heaters, with pipes and conduits, in power plants and for lining steel furnaces. In addition to its outstanding insulating properties, AEROSIL® is mineral-based, so it is non-flammable, recyclable, and does not retain moisture.

Reducing energy consumption levels is the key to reducing CO2 emissions and thus arresting global warming. In many countries this ecological imperative is being acted upon through legislation — for example, stricter building regulations or the introduction of energy-efficiency classifications for household appliances.

Diminishing energy consumption through better insulation also helps to significantly reduce costs. Investments in efficient insulations quickly pay off in the face of continually rising energy costs.

* in combination with suitable opacifiers

AEROSIL® for Thermal insulation



A VIP refrigerator  (pdf, 590 KB)

Energy efficiency and premium-qulaity insulation with AEROSIL® for vacuum insulation panels.