High-temperature insulation

AEROSIL® is already widely used as insulating material in ceramic stovetops, in industrial applications and in the field of fire protection.

Even when things get hot, Evonik offers the ideal solution. The heating elements underneath ceramic stove tops reach temperatures of up to 1,000 ºC — so they need insulation that can reliably stand up to the constant heat. Just another area in which AEROSIL® has proven itself as an insulating material.

A thin layer of AEROSIL® is built into the heating elements of many stovetops. Its insulating properties are so good that electrical wires can be located quite close to the heating elements themselves. But that’s not all. The layer of AEROSIL® also provides a reliable mount for the heating elements, which expand as they grow hot. This tried-and-proven application has been standard in many stovetops for decades now.

Its resistance to heat also makes AEROSIL® a reliable material for use in fire prevention and protection, where it is used in the making of elevator doors, airplane black boxes and to insulate pipes and conduits in chemical plants. AEROSIL® is an outstanding, low-weight, mineral-based insulator with excellent qualities, even at very high temperatures.

AEROSIL® fumed silica for thermal insulation

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