Developmental products from the Business Line Silica

Evonik continuously develops new products for its customers throughout the world based on its many technologies for the production and modification of fumed silicas and metal oxides. 

Evonik presents a selection of its latest developmental products on this website. All developmental products are marked with the prefix VP and are generally already being produced on a pilot scale. Whether they will ultimately be commercialized or not depends on their success in the market. Do you have other ideas or do you need a very special product for your application? Then please get in touch with us.

Hydrophilic fumed specialty silica

Evonik is the leading producer of fumed specialty silicas marketed under the brand name AEROSIL®. One special product development in this category is VP DOX 110, an aluminum-doped fumed silica with a low surface area and structure, which is especially suitable as a carrier, for example in the area of catalysis.

Product name


Specific surface area (BET) in m²/g


VP DOX 110

Aluminum-doped fumed silica

65 ± 20


Fumed silicon dioxide and metal oxide granules

Evonik has marketed AEROPERL® fumed silica and metal oxide granules for many years. We have now extended our portfolio with granulated fumed metal oxides. Please contact us if you require information about our other granulated products, such as our granulated mixed oxides.

Product name


Medium particle size in µm

Metal oxide concentration in wt.%*


Fumed titanium dioxide granules

approx. 20

≥ 99.5

VP AEROPERL® Alu 100/30

Fumed aluminum oxide granules

approx. 30

≥ 99.6

* in relation to the annealed substance

Fumed silica and metal oxide dispersions

Evonik offers an extensive portfolio of water and solvent-based dispersions of fumed silicas and metal oxides under the brand name AERODISP®. AERODISP® dispersions have a particularly high solid content, low viscosity, and good storage stability. The table below gives you an idea of our competence and our range of products in this area.

Product name

Fumed metal oxide


Solid content in wt.%

VP Disp. W 2730 X

Titanium dioxide


30 ± 1

VP Disp. IPA 2730 X

Titanium dioxide


30 ± 1

VP Disp. G 6020 X

Silicon dioxide

Ethylene glycol

20 ± 1

VP Disp. W 640 XC2

Aluminum oxide


40 ± 1

VP Disp. W 640 XC8

Aluminum oxide


40 ± 1

VP Disp. W 470

Aluminum oxide


70 ± 1

VP Disp. E 5315 X

Hydrophobic silicon dioxide


15 ± 1

Comment on safety and regulatory restrictions

The safety of our products is very important to us. As a matter of form, we must point out that not all of our development products have been completely tested in all safety and regulatory aspects. Please refer to the associated safety data sheet for the corresponding information.