AEROSIL® downloads

In the download list below, you find general brochures. For industry specific brochures, please click on the link for the respective industry above.




AEROSIL® product overview  (pdf, 2.09 MB)

The AEROSIL® product overview brochure displays the whole range of Evonik's portfolio of pyrogenic oxides and dispersions.


AEROSIL® общий обзор продукции  (pdf, 2.78 MB)

Брошюра с общим обзором продукции AEROSIL® (аэрозил, аэросил) представляет Вашему вниманию полный спектр продуктов на основе оксидов, полученных путем высокотемпературного гидролиза, и их дисперсий (суспензий). Четкая классификация продуктов AEROSIL® по категориям (гидрофильные оксиды, оксиды металлов, дисперсии и т. д.) позволяет легко найти искомый продукт. Помимо категоризации продуктов AEROSIL® данная брошюра содержит таблицу, в которой приведены области применения различных марок AEROSIL®, AEROXIDE® и AERODISP® по 27-ми отраслях промышленности. Для удобства разработчиков здесь же приведены важнейшие физико-химические характеристики наших продуктов.


Fact Sheet: Improving your milling process with AEROSIL® fumed silica and SIPERNAT® specialty silica  (pdf, 152 KB)

AEROSIL® and SIPERNAT® products help to keep your mill clean and ensure the flowability of your fine product.


Fact Sheet: Specialty Rheology Modifiers for Concentrated Liquid Detergent  (pdf, 695 KB)

Consumers are looking for premium and concentrated detergents with multi-functional benefits that target their specific needs. Evonik has developed the perfect solution for liquid detergent formulators.


Industry Information 2246: AEROSIL® fumed silica and SIPERNAT® specialty silica for detergents and cleaning products  (pdf, 1.01 MB)

Consumers’ expectations on their home care and laundry products are very diverse and demanding. Beside efficiency and ease of use, safety and environmental impact are important. To cope with all these requirements, the consumer industry offer many different formulations, e.g. liquids, powders, or water free concentrates. Specialty silica products like AEROSIL® and SIPERNAT® provide a wide range of diverse and unique properties that can help solving complex formulation issues: high absorption capacity, carrier function to convert liquid into powder, rheology modification, flowability improvement and anti-caking effect.


Product Overview: AERODISP® Fumed Silica and Metal Oxide Dispersions  (pdf, 5.72 MB)

This brochure is a survey about the usage of AERODISP® dispersions in different applications. AERODISP® dispersions are easy to handle and to work with in many applications their properties outperform those of powders.


Product Overview: AEROPERL® Granulated fumed oxides  (pdf, 954 KB)

This brochure gives an overview on the types of AEROPERL® granulated fumed oxides and their characteristics. It also provides application examples and information on handling, packaging, and storage.


Technical Information 1213: Specialty silica as flow aid, anticaking agent and carrier substance  (pdf, 1.08 MB)

Recommended mixing procedures for powders and granulates Specialty Silica have found their way with numerous applications into many branches of industry. This also applies to their use as carrier for liquid or pasty substances as well as the application as flow aid for powdered or granular products. Due to their fineness and low bulk density mixing with other ingredients is somehow sophisticated. This Technical Information gives some recommendation on suitable mixing equipment and how to use it, when Specialty Silica are concerned.


Technical Information 1279: Successful use of AEROSIL® fumed silica in liquid systems  (pdf, 759 KB)

The Technical Information No. 1279 is a brochure that describes how to incorporate AEROSIL® fumed silica into liquid systems.


Technical Information 1351: SIPERNAT® and AEROSIL® as flow aid and anticaking agent  (pdf, 384 KB)

A good flowability is the prerequisite for handling powders properly, discharching them easily out of a silo and dosing them exactly. However, many powders are highly cohesive and the proper processing thereforce is a challenge.


Technical Information 1410: Improving performance of milled powder with AEROSIL® fumed silica and SIPERNAT® specialty silica  (pdf, 1.39 MB)

Easier milling and improving of free flow / anticaking properties of milled powders at the same time.


Technical Information 1417: AEROSIL® and SIPERNAT® Products in Powder Detergents  (pdf, 1.22 MB)

Globally, powder detergents remain the most popular product form for cleaning garments. Yet, even powders must evolve to accommodate stringent demands of the modern consumer.


Technical Overview 13: AEROXIDE® – Fumed Metal Oxides  (pdf, 33.08 MB)

This brochure compiles information about manufacture, physico-chemical characteristics and applications fields of our AEROXIDE® fumed metal oxide grades in a very comprehensive way. It provides a brief list of technical terms and literature references.


Technical Overview: AEROSIL® - Fumed Silica  (pdf, 27.19 MB)

The brochure provides extensive information about the manufacture of AEROSIL®, physico-chemical data, and basics on the applications.