Downloads for the dispersions industry



AERODISP® Fumed Silica and Metal Oxide Dispersions - Product Overview 105  (pdf, 5.72 MB)

This brochure is a survey about the usage of AERODISP® dispersions in different applications. AERODISP® dispersions are easy to handle and to work with in many applications their properties outperform those of powders.


Technical Information 1278: Handhabung von AERODISP®-Dispersionen von pyrogenem Siliciumdioxid und pyrogenen Metalloxiden  (pdf, 279 KB)

Die Technische Information Nr. 1278 gibt detaillierte Informationen über die Handhabung von AERODISP®-Dispersionen.


Technical Information 1278: Handling of AERODISP® Fumed Silica and Fumed Metal Oxide Dispersions  (pdf, 270 KB)

This technical information provides detailed information about handling of AERODISP® dispersions. The handling advantages using our AERODISP® dispersions are described within different chapters, e.g. types of packaging, samples and bulk deliveries.


Technical Information 1357: AERODISP® Fumed Silica Dispersions as an Anti-Slip Agent for Paper Bags  (pdf, 429 KB)

Paper bags require a sufficient degree of surface friction to enable stable stacking during transport of the bags.