Downloads for the electronics industry



Technical Information 1163: AEROSIL® fumed silica for cable gels  (pdf, 641 KB)

This brochure describes the use of hydrophilic and hydrophobic AEROSIL® grades as a thixotrope in four different systems for cable gels.


VP Disp IPA 2730 X, A New AEROXIDE® Fumed Titania Dispersion for Dye-sensitized Solar Cell Manufacture  (pdf, 1.47 MB)

Evonik has added a new product to its broad portfolio of AERODISP® dispersions: VP Disp IPA 2730 X – the first dispersion of fumed titania in an organic solvent. VP Disp IPA 2730 X is a low viscosity dispersion, filled with 30 wt% fumed titania, in isopropanol, and as such it is recommended to be used as the titania source (master-batch) for the production of titania pastes.