Handling and Storage



Technical Bulletin 28: The Handling of Synthetic Silica and Silicates  (pdf, 2.52 MB)

Usage and Handling of silica grades are described.


Technical Bulletin 62: Synthetic Silica and Electrostatic Charges  (pdf, 423 KB)

Practical applications to prevent or reduce electrostatic charging through the use of AEROSIL® and perfomance silica.


Technical Information 1161: Storing Precipitated Silica  (pdf, 731 KB)

If the product properties of the precipitated silica are to be maintained, they must be packed and stored to suit their specific requirements.


Technical Information 1219: Semi-bulk packaging for AEROSIL®  (pdf, 721 KB)

The Technical Information No. 1219 provides detailed information concerning the Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container (FIBC) for AEROSIL®.


Technical Information 1231: Types of Packaging for AEROSIL® and AEROXIDE®  (pdf, 353 KB)

This technical information provides an overview of the different kinds of AEROSIL® packaging. Pictures and descriptions of paper bags, semi bulk packaging and full bulk deliveries are given.


Technical Information 1232: Types of Packaging for precipitated silica  (pdf, 316 KB)

This technical information provides an overview of the forms of packaging available for precipitated silicas produced by Evonik Industries AG and marketed worldwide under the brand names ACEMATT®, SIPERNAT® and ULTRASIL®.


Technical Information 1363: Dust-Explosion Protection in Handling Systems for Surface-Modified AEROSIL®  (pdf, 369 KB)

This information sheet is intended as an introductory guide to the regulations and directives that exist in Germany.


Technical Information 1373: How to store AEROSIL® fumed silica  (pdf, 349 KB)

This brochure describes how to store AEROSIL® fumed silica in different types of packaging, such as bags and semi-bulk packaging, and in bulk by silo trucks.