Downloads for the resins industry



Technical Bulletin 54: AEROSIL® Fumed Silica in Unsaturated Polyester Resins and Vinyl Ester Resins  (pdf, 635 KB)

This bulletin is a guide for the use of AEROSIL® Fumed Silica as a thixotrope in unsaturated polyester resin and vinyl ester resin applications such as gelcoats and laminate resins. Topics discussed within include the mechanism of thickening, dispersion methods, and the influence of silica properties such as BET surface area on performance. Some standard guide formulations and basic rheological data are also provided as part of the document.


Technical Information 1279: Successful use of AEROSIL® fumed silica in liquid systems  (pdf, 759 KB)

The Technical Information No. 1279 is a brochure that describes how to incorporate AEROSIL® fumed silica into liquid systems.