El efecto “carrier”: El Sílice Evonik transforma líquidos en polvos fluidos

Las sílices SIPERNAT® y AEROPERL® de Evonik absorben líquidos como una esponja y los transforman en polvos fluidos, de modo que aun cuando los líquidos son pegajosos o difíciles de procesar pueden ser usados de forma fácil de manipular. La absorción resultante es frecuentemente referida como "líquidos secos". Los productos SIPERNAT® son sílice precipitada, mientras que los AEROPERL® son sílice pirogénica granulada.

In many cases, powders that flow well and do not produce dust are easier to dispense and process than thick or sticky liquids. This is especially true when the product is to be blended with other powders or granulates at a later point. SIPERNAT® and AEROPERL® products from Evonik are highly absorbent, flow well, and are chemically pure. Low-dust grades and products with different particle sizes are available depending on the application. Specialized products are also available for industries that need to meet specific regulatory requirements.


Carrier silica from Evonik have a sponge-like, porous structure. A liquid can be absorbed into the pores of this structure without altering the shape of the silica particles. Customers wishing to produce a dust-free, microgranular absorbate, for instance, would want to use a dust-free, microgranular silica like SIPERNAT® 2200.


SIPERNAT® and AEROPERL® silica are very easy to use as carriers. The first step is to feed the silica into a suitable powder mixer, such as a paddle mixer, plowshare mixer, or ribbon blender, and then dispense the liquid as finely divided as possible while the mixer is running. Mixing for too long or too intensely should be avoided in order to retain the porous structure of the silica.


SIPERNAT® specialty silica are used for products such as vitamins in animal nutrition applications, additives for the rubber industry, detergent additives, components of dry-mix mortar blends, and much more. AEROPERL® 300 Pharma is used for converting liquid pharmaceutical actives to powder form.


For more detailed information, we recommend the following brochures: TI 1360 and TI 1213. more