Pharma Silica AEROSIL


Cost-effective and reliable manufacturing methods are an absolute must for today's pharmaceutical industry. This is just one reason why AEROSIL® fumed silica has become one of the most important and frequently used pharmaceutical excipients. Improving flow properties of starting materials required for modern tablet and capsule manufacture is just one example of the advantages gained by use of AEROSIL® fumed silica. It can also considerably improve the manufacturing as well as properties of many other drug forms.

AEROSIL® colloidal silicon dioxide has been used in the pharmaceutical industry for almost 50 years. Since the original AEROSIL® 200 we have expanded our portfolio with special pharmaceutical grades available in different surface areas, hydrophilic and hydrophobic, as well as granulated types.

Our objective is to provide our customers with the optimum solution for their systems, to meet their high standard and to make their products even more successful.