AEROSIL® fumed silica makes you a winner in every tensile test

  • Tensile strength

  • Tear resistance

  • Hardness

  • Elongation

  • Rebound resilience

  • Compression set

AEROSIL® fumed silica in earthquake-proof building foundations

Silicone rubbers with AEROSIL® fumed silica as the active reinforcing component play an important role in earthquake-proof foundations. The Japanese-developed technology of using silicone rubber as an important component of foundations affords buildings in particularly endangered regions additional protection against earthquake damage, even under large mechanical stress. For this purpose, conventional building materials are combined in a special process with layers of Silicone Rubber for which the parameters have previously been calculated with high precision.

RTV two-component silicone rubber is used not only for sealing purposes in this application, but also to provide the foundation with a special elasticity at both high and low temperatures. RTV two-component silicone rubber is a ready-to-use two-component systems of a free-flowing or slightly pasty consistency, which, under the action of crosslinker-catalyst systems tailored specifically to these systems, are cured at room temperature to an elastic silicone rubber. AEROSIL® fumed silica imparts to the silicone rubber the required rheological and mechanical properties. 


AEROSIL® fumed silica — tough stuff


The use of AEROSIL® products as reinforcing components in elastomers allows lasting improvement of such mechanical properties of the cured Silicone Rubber as tensile strength, elongation at break, and tear resistance.

AEROSIL® fumed silica also helps to control the temperature dependence of the mechanical properties. The scope for improvement of the above-mentioned properties depends on the type of silicone polymer used as well the concentration and the chosen AEROSIL® grade.

The use of AEROSIL® fumed silica as a reinforcing filler 

allows significant improvement of the mechanical properties 

of, e.g. various sports goods made of HTV Silicone Rubber