Downloads for paper, film- and textile coatings




Industry Brochure: AEROSIL® for Photo Inkjet Media  (pdf, 2.58 MB)

The Industry Brochure "AEROSIL® for Photo Inkjet Media" gives an overview about the use of AEROSIL® fumed silica and AEROXIDE® fumed alumina in microporous photo inkjet media.


Industry Information 2243: Products for the paper and film industry  (pdf, 763 KB)

Inorganic materials for print media In addition to describing the production of pyrogenic metal oxides, precipitated silica and silicates, the brochure devotes a section to the effects that can be obtained by the use of our products in paper applications. At the core of this brochure is a detailed section on the large variety of paper types and the advantages gained by using our products, because there are now many different types of substrate (paper, film, fabric, etc.) for printing. The best printing results are achieved with the ideal combination of printing technology and the appropriate ink or toner.


Technical Information 1322: Paper Sizing with AERODISP® Fumed Silica Dispersions  (pdf, 1.10 MB)

The Technical Information No. 1322 describes the new concept of Evonik of improving the inkjet print performance of uncoated office and printing paper by applying a thin fumed silica coating directly on the paper machine (size press).


Technical Information 1331: AEROSIL® Fumed Silica and AEROXIDE® Fumed Alumina for Glossy Photo Inkjet Media  (pdf, 1.37 MB)

The Technical Information No. 1331 describes the entire development and production process for photo inkjet media with fumed metal oxides.


Technical Information 1357: AERODISP® Fumed Silica Dispersions as an Anti-Slip Agent for Paper Bags  (pdf, 429 KB)

Paper bags require a sufficient degree of surface friction to enable stable stacking during transport of the bags. This technical information describes the use of AERODISP® fumed silica dispersions as a very effictive replacement for simple colloidal silica. Very high coefficients of static friction can be reached with very little amounts of fumed silica.